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For the love of...Pizza

We love people, and we love pizza.
We believe you should do what you love – and what you’re good at. We have two loves in life. The first is people. Happy moments, celebrating the precious things in life, coming together with friends and family to enjoy both the every day and life events. And the second is pizza. Handcrafted dough, rich and flavoursome toppings, oozing flavour.
Pizza is the perfect food for any occasion. Whether you’re hungry and on the run, or want to bring family and friends together to savour a delicious meal, or just fancy putting your feet up whilst you watch a film and tuck into something tasty, pizza is a hit.At On Pizza, a new Ashford pizza place in the heart of town, the two come together. It’s about people enjoying pizza. As simple as that.

On Pizza

A bold approach to better pizza

From classic favourites to adventurous new flavours, from really meaty to perfectly vegan, from super spicy to soothingly mild, our menu caters for everyone. Whatever your favourite pizza toppings are, we’re sure you’ll find a winner on our pizza menu.

Over the past year, we tested over 100 different variations (it’s a hard life…) and came up with a special selection of ingredients, toppings, pizza dough and drizzles that offer the perfect texture, flavour and sensations. Better and tastier pizzas are the result. We’re different, and we want to make sure that our pizza is too. Now we’ve done the tough bit, all you have to do is simply enjoy it!

On Pizza

Slice and size – What's unique about us

Size does matter. At least when it comes to pizza! We offer the biggest pizza in town. On Pizza’s 20 inchers don’t just look super cool but are enough to get a small party going or feed the whole family. Bringing people together, uniting them in happiness and small, beautiful moments in life is our ultimate goal. And if pizza helps, we’re a fan. Life is made for sharing. All our pizzas are uncomplicated, made fresh, combined with real love for food and a little bit of humour and family. That’s it. On Pizza, for you.
Sometimes you’re in a rush and just need something quick. But it’s got to be satisfying. Don’t scrimp on quality just because you’re busy. We offer a selection of slices on the go, alongside breakfast menu items, great coffee and ice-creams locally sourced from Kent producers - all you need when you’re out and about! NOTE: Only avialable in-store

A pizza place with a difference

We’ve been working in pizza for fifteen years. Days in big chains and national restaurants taught us a few things. Mainly about what customers want. They want a place that cares for them. Good and fresh ingredients that tantilise the tastebuds. A place to come to get great food at a great price in a great environment.

We moved to Ashford from London four years ago and instantly felt at home. The people of Ashford are so very welcoming, kind and generally have a great sense of community. That’s why we set up On Pizza, a new pizza place in Ashford, based in County Square shopping centre. To be place of great tasting food, and the best in local hospitality. We are part of our local Ashford community, and so try our best to source many of our ingredients from local businesses, work with local charities and food banks, and create lasting relationships with local companies and places of interest.

On Pizza

14 County Square, Ashford


Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 11 am to 10 pm

Collection available until 5.45 pm Mon-Sat and 4 pm on Sunday

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On Pizza

ON Pizza. Bigger, Better, Tastier Pizza for take-away and delivery! Now open at County Square Shopping Centre